A downloadable game for Windows

FatBob is a first-person game, made by a Brazilian where his only equipment is a flashlight, where the objective is to browse the output of asylum as fast as possible.

Tips (Please read before playing Story mode):

  • Don't look at the enemy for too long.
  • Do not stand.
  • Pay attention to all objects

Controls :

  • W, S, A, D - Movements
  • Mouse - Look // Click Mouse Right - Interact // Turn on/off the FlashLight
  • Left shift - Sprint
  • Esc - Pause Menu

Alpha - 50%
Video (Trailer) - 45%


Rafael Ferrés ~ Unk

Install instructions

To install simply download the .zip file unzip and run the .exe file that is our installer


FatBob.zip 43 MB


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Pretty spooky.